Who we are…

Circus-13 Productions started about 15 years ago (though it wasn’t called that then) as a hopeful comic book company.  We sucked.  Myself and one other writer couldn’t get an artist to draw anything for us to save our lives.  Any of them that expressed interest would suddenly become more interested in their own stuff again.

Fast-forward to late 2006.  I had written a bunch of screenplays (ok, 4, but started about 9 more) and wanted to get them filmed.  Wasn’t going to happen with no budget.  Then, while looking online one day, I came across a Wikipedia entry about radio drama.  I had always had an interest (having acquired quite a bit of it over the previous couple of years) and thought about adapting my stories/screenplays for radio.  I did some searching and found a couple of groups online and a forum or two.  I got involved, did some acting, looked at some software and sound effects and thought “How tough could it be?”

The answer was not tough enough to stop me.

I wrote a short piece, something I thought I could manage easily, called Stranded.  I recorded it, mixed it and put it out there.  And it was good.  Not great, not gonna win awards, but it sounded good.  So I did another.  And another.  Now I have a website and a couple of people writing and mixing their own stuff for release under the Circus-13 banner and it’s great.

I’m even taking a course in audio production at our local community college to fine-tune some of this stuff.  My buddy is talking about opening a recording studio and putting me in charge so we can do some of these professionally and make some money (fingers crossed).

Until then, I will keep recording and mixing and having fun with it.

Stay tuned….

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