Assault II update

With the exception of one line from Bill Hollweg (he had the accent on the wrong word, changed the meaning of a line), and Laura Post finishing her part for episode 3, it is almost done.

That’s right. All I have to do is go to Bob Jump’s house tomorrow (yes, that is his real name), to record his lines as Magic Man. He agreed to reprise his role in Assault II (and if I need him for further Assault adventures), but scheduling is a bitch.

So I take the “studio” (i.e. the mic, the laptop, the script and the spit guard) to Bartonville tomorrow night to get the last lines I need to complete parts 1 & 2, and as soon as Laura gets caught up with all her stuff (she’s been doing a LOT, especially with her job), she’ll get me Fathom’s lines for part 3 and this puppy will be FINISHED!

In other news, I have two strippers to recruit (voices only, don’t get excited, boys) to be able to finally finish the latest Truck story. I’ll be working on part 3 of that this next week as well as moving the office to the living room and turning the office into a nursery. Yep, it’s getting closer (less than 4 months till due date). Neither one of us can wait to lose a lot of sleep, spend all waking moments caring for our first baby.

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