Big Daddy Fred has arrived!

For all of you Truck fans out there, your wait will be soon over.  Jerry Shipman, the actor who has taken over the role of Big Daddy Fred has had some major scheduling issues for the last few months (yes, I said months).  He’s got an intense job, plus some family issues (personal stuff, won’t go into it here) have kept him away from the mic and the Circus-13 studios, but that has changed.

A couple days ago, he made the effort to come spend a couple hours in front of the mic and we pounded out 5 episodes of material he had been cast in (2 of Truck and he’s also the voice of Diehard in Assault II), so we won’t have to worry about his schedule again for awhile.

What does that mean for YOU?  It means that those of you who have listened to Truck and the Super Satanic Spork Strippers part 1 will have only a couple weeks to go before you get to listen to part 2!  That’s right!  Part two will be coming out soon.  And once I cast a couple of strippers, I’ll be able to finish part 3, so you will finally know what happens to Speedy, and Frank, and Tommy and Sunny and the rest of the gang!

Stay tuned…

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