Assault II Update

I only have two more people to record (both are kinda small parts this time around) and I’ll have all the parts in for Assault II.  Once I get these two people recorded (Bob Jump as Magic Man and Mashayla VanAcker as Roju the symbiote), I’ll be able to finish mixing episode 1.

Both of them are reprising their roles from Assault: Thief to Hero from almost two years ago, but are very enthusiastic about doing more voice work for the Circus-13.  Like Jerry (who plays Big Daddy Fred and Diehard), their schedules are kinda busy and its hard to find a couple hours where they can stop by and record.  I’ll probably end up packing up the studio (i.e. my laptop, mic and puff guard) and lugging it over to Bob’s because he also has to record three episodes of Green Arrow as the title character.

Yep, I’ll be pushing to get that done again soon (I tried a couple years ago, it fell through, and then I had a lot of casting problems due to a lot of the auditions just plain SUCKED).  So, be watching for Green Arrow auditions to open some time (maybe).

Back to the original topic, once I get Bob and Mashayla recorded and then mixed in, I’ll be busting ass to get all three episodes mixed before releasing the first one (which I plan to do June 1).  So be watching for Assault II: Enmity and Armor!

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