Assault II script is completely finished!

That’s right, I just finished scripting the end of Assault II: Enmity and Armor part 3. It has been sent off to the editor for proofreading and consistency and once it passes muster….


I have already cast a lot of the roles.  So far I have one role open I think, in all three episodes.  That’s it.  Just one.  For a male character, brother to a female played by my wife Emilie.  He also has super powers, but none of them are brought out at ALL in this story, but his characterization is.  He’ll be a big part in Assault III, whenever I get around to writing it.  But for now, I’ll have to see who I like for the role of Tommy Warner, aka Gold.

But for me, the big part is over.  Writing it out.  It took a couple weeks and all told, the whole thing is about 70 pages.  Too short for a screenplay, but perfect for three short episodes of a radio play.  Now I just have to wait for lines to come in, record a few people, and mix it all together.  I’m thinking I should have all three done by the end of May.

Now I turn my attention elsewhere, to another original project and see where I can take it…

The Wolfman Journals!

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