Another series in production

To go along with the Pulp Westerns series, I have been checking out for other Pulp fiction books and the main one I found is mysteries.  There was a series by a man named Dan Marlowe (no relation to Phillip *grin*) about a bellhop/bouncer/private eye named Johnny Killain.  I found 5 of the 6 books in the public domain and decided it would make a decent series.

I copied the text into Final Draft (what I use for scripting, although I might start working with Celtx, which is free and has audio drama script template) and have been adapting it for radio.  I take out descriptions and put in sound effects as well as putting the dialogue into the script format, making it easier to find your lines for your part.

The text started out around 124 pages (I think), and as I work my way through it, I am on page 89 or so and the grand total has moved up to 178 pages as the format changes.  Once I get all the way through the entire script, I’ll find spots in the script to divide it up into 3-4 parts to make it a mini-series for Doorway to Death.   And then I got 4 more to do after that.  I didn’t think it would take so long, but I am enjoying it as it is giving me something creative to do.

My friend has another computer for me, a 2-year-old Compaq that I am going to beef up a bit and put Adobe Audition on it to make it my production computer.  And then maybe I can get X-men 3 finished.  I also hope to get another original story or two cranked out (working on Assault II, Wolfman Journals and my own Western for Pulp Westerns!.  Things ARE moving along, but at times it seems too slowly, but with honeymoon impending (we leave two weeks from today), class schedule being bad (and I’m falling behind on homework), as well as trying to find work and gigs for 3 Jack Voodoo…. Time sucks.

Stay tuned…


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