Casting Call for Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex in Shadows WestCIRCUS-13 PRESENTS JONAH HEX in SHADOWS WEST part 2, written by Joe R. Lansdale, adapted for radio by Timm Gillick. Everyone’s favorite scar-faced, bounty hunting, Civil War vet is back and taking on a travelling sideshow!

Recording and Contact information –

-Record in 44100hz 16-bit Stereo MP3 or wav is fine.
-Save the lines as “charactername_yourname_linenumber.mp3” (ex: JonahHex_Jester_01.mp3)
-Please put multiple files in a ZIP or RAR file and label it as “”
-Send your auditions to
-SOUND QUALITY IS A FACTOR! If you send me files with a lot of puffs and pops and background noise, you’ll get rejected out of hand. A low steady computer fan noise is fine, I can deal with that.
-And please don’t ask me about your audition. Don’t ask if there’s any way to change it, you should be sending in your best take on the character. If you want to do it multiple ways, feel free. I usually try to respond to you when you send in an audition, but if I haven’t after a couple days (not hours, days), then resend it, please.

Here are the roles in no particular order. WARNING! This is more of a PG/PG-13/R type radio play! There IS some cussing from most of the characters. If this offends you, DON’T AUDITION!

FEMALES: (only 2, I know, but it’s a Western)
Age: late 20’s up
Bio: female sharpshooter for Buffalo Will’s Wild West Show. She’s his version of Annie Oakley, but a sight meaner. Okay a LOT meaner.
Audition line 01: (suggestive) Ever want to come over and talk about oiling my holster, holstering your gun…
Audition line 02: They probably didn’t notice he was leaving this PILE behind.

Age: late teens to early 20’s
Bio: an American Indian of simple words, she has fathered a baby bear/human who’s father is a bear spirit (kinda confusing but it makes sense). She is the focus of the story as Jonah helps her.
Audition line 01: Yes. I teach bear child.
Audition line 02: Here, Hex. Take. Hold him.

Age: mid-30’s to mid-40’s
Bio: henpecked husband to the mean-spirited Libby Ann. Doesn’t say much, he isn’t even given a name in the story, just “Libby’s Husband.” He’s kinda scared all the time.
Audition line 01: Scares YOU? You ought to LIVE with her!
Audition line 02: (stage whisper) Won’t be the first pair. (pause, aloud) I said, “Let’s get that BEAR!”

Age: any
Bio: typical cowboy groom who runs the stable, only has the one line, will take the best.
Audition line 01: Oh no! We have a show in just a little time! You can’t go out! (pause, GRUNT as knocked out)

Age: late teens to early 20’s
Bio: one of the not-so-bright young rousties at the show. He’s “volunteered” to chase after Jonah and Spotted Balls.
Audition line 01: I can’t think of any… I’m not good at jokes…
Audition line 02: Good. I don’t like it. (pause) Does YOUR head hurt, Tom? (pause) When you THINK?

Name: ROUSTY 1, 2, 3
Age: any
Bio: the not-so-bright Rousties at the show. They each have one line, then a group line altogether (listed under the next heading), so read for all of them. And Rousty 1 has a second line in part 3.
Audition line 01: Where you goin’ with the camp poke? (line 2) Smells more like SHIT to me!
Audition line 02: That bear TOO?
Audition line 03: You can’t do that, Spotted Hand!

Age: any
Bio: If you read for the Rousty parts, you HAVE to read this line as well.
Audition line 01: (scared) NO SIR!
Audition line 02: (laugh out loud as if you just saw something amusing)

Alrighty, that’s it for parts 2 & 3. This is your last chance to be a part of Shadows West! Remember, auditions are due FEBRUARY 29 and send them (multiple files in a ZIP or RAR file please) to

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