Casting Call for Human Target

The Human Target!CIRCUS-13 PRESENTS THE HUMAN TARGET, written by Peter Milligan, adapted for radio by Timm Gillick. Everyone’s favorite bodyguard who impersonates the victim to draw out the assassin in brand new adventures!

Recording and Contact information –

-Record in 44100hz 16-bit Stereo MP3 or wav is fine.
-Save the lines as “charactername_yourname_linenumber.mp3” (ex: Chance_Jester_01.mp3)
-Please put multiple files in a ZIP or RAR file and label it as “”
-Send your auditions to
-SOUND QUALITY IS A FACTOR! If you send me files with a lot of puffs and pops and background noise, you’ll get rejected out of hand. A low steady computer fan noise is fine, I can deal with that.
-And please don’t ask me about your audition. Don’t ask if there’s any way to change it, you should be sending in your best take on the character. If you want to do it multiple ways, feel free. I usually try to respond to you when you send in an audition, but if I haven’t after a couple days (not hours, days), then resend it, please.

Here are the roles in no particular order. WARNING! This is more of a PG/PG-13/R type radio play! There IS some cussing from most of the characters. If this offends you, DON’T AUDITION!

NOTE: Anyone who auditions for ANY role, please also read for the Congregation (under Male/Female) as I need a LOT of voices for this part. Thank you.

FEMALES: (only 3, I know, but there is one I need a LOT of both sexes to read and a couple more coming next time round, too)
Age: mid 30’s to early 40’s
Bio: wife to the Rev. Earl James, a strong willed black woman, very composed, almost regal
Audition line 01: That they really did introduce crack into our neighborhood, deliberately to destroy us, and not just to fund whatever war they were fighting?
Audition line 02: And what about YOU, Reverend Earl James? Aren’t you quaking just a little?

Name: EMERALD/EMMA (female lead)
Age: late 20’s through mid 30’s
Bio: female assassin by night, homemaker by day (but that comes later). Very tough, thorough, needs to prove herself to the men in the business. Sultry, super-spy/Bond-girl type.
Audition line 01: Who am I? (beat) I am a reputation. I am a grainy photograph of a man with dark bulletholes instead of eyes.
Audition line 02: (sensually) I’ve got my finger… Pressed right up against my TRIGGER, baby… I’m squeezing it nice and slow… Here it comes…

Age: mid 60’s up
Bio: a member of the congregation in Rev. James’ church. Fed up at the gang-bangers coming in to ruin “her”services. Only has the one line, so I’ll take the best one.
Audition line 01: (grunts as she hits someone hard with her purse) (highly upset) Had enough of this crap from you boys!

Name: CHRISTOPHER CHANCE (title character)
Age: mid 30’s to mid-40’s
Bio: Chris Chance is an actor of a different sort, he takes over people’s lives that are in danger. He BECOMES the victim in an attempt to draw out the assassin. Very cool, very calm, very competent. TO WHOMEVER GETS THIS ROLE: You will only be doing the role of Chance. Any people he is impersonating will be played by the actor in that role. For example, The actor playing Rev. James will be portraying the reverend even when it’s Chance impersonating him.
Audition line 01: Once, people called me THE HUMAN TARGET — it seemed appropriate at the time. It probably lacks the right degree of irony for today.
Audition line 02: Quiet! I’ll deal with you later. You came to me a few months ago, wanted me to do a job. I turned you down.

Age: early to late 20’s
Bio: bodyguard to the gang banger leader, young black kid. only has these four lines, so I will use the best ones.
Audition line 01: Enough of this pussy-eatin’ shit! The only message worth lis’nin’ to sounds like this…
Audition line 02: You missed, Reverend!
Audition line 03: Shee–
Audition line 04: (dying) –it!

Age: late 30’s to mid 50’s
Bio: owner/master chef of a fine restaurant and Christopher Chance’s confidant. He is the go-between to get Chance his assignments. If you need the Human Target, you contact Bruno. Kind of fussy (like C3-PO) with a slight European accent.
Audition line 01: For eight months running, Chris, she books a table for two. Then sits and eats alone. Then LEAVES alone.
Audition line 02: A la carte.

Name: DEAD MAN 1
Age: any
Bio: victim of Emerald in the first scene, she shoots him in the belly and he’s dying. Only has the one line, so will use the best.
Audition line 01: My god! My god!

Age: late teens to early 20’s
Bio: Head gang banger that’s trying to take over Rev. Earl James’ church, young black male. Only has the four lines, so will use the best one.
Audition line 01: (shouting over gunfire) Mutha-fuck! What happened to TURN THE OTHER CHEEK ‘n shit?! HOLD UP!
Audition line 02: A-ight — you best come with your hands empty, nigga, or we start icing these nice fine people here!
Audition line 03: Ay-yo! What’s it gonna be, preacher?
Audition line 04: Damn fuckin’ right we got your ass.

Name: GANG BANGER 1 & 2
Age: late teens to early 20’s
Bio: typical L.A. gang bangers, young black males. only have one line each, will use the best of each one.
Audition line 01: (confused) The fuck–?
Audition line 02: (getting shot) GHWARKKK!

Name: MAN
Age: mid-50’s up
Bio: older man in the congregation, fed up with the gang bangers in the church. Only has the one line, so will use the best
Audition line 01: You got no right comin’ in here like this.

Age: late 30’s through late 40’s
Bio: Dignified black preacher in south central L.A. Been fighting the gangs trying to take over his church. Almost like an up-and-coming Martin Luther King, Jr. Strong, strong willed, diginified.
Audition line 01: (preaching) And then felt yourself baptized by the flowing waters of their GRATITUDE. You have taken them to the very edge of the wilderness, and now delivered them unto the good land of faith, hope and glory!
Audition line 02: If a little truth gets TWISTED in order to tell a BIGGER TRUTH, so be it. (beat) Hmmm. Bethany. You smell as good as ever. You’re my earthly strength and consolation.

Age: any and all
Bio: this is the church congregation of a “black” church, there is only the one line, but there are a lot of voices involved. In subsequent episodes, there are other parts needed for the whole congregation to be saying things in unison (like “Amen!”), but I will put those in the casting calls for the specific episodes. I need each sentence done a couple times a couple different ways, as if the whole congregation were saying these things at various times.
Audition line 01: HALLELUJAH! Into our lives sweet Jesus! Amen!

Remember to send your lines to

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