Catching up

Yeah, it’s been a looooong time since I’ve posted on here. I’m not sure how many people actually followed this when I WAS updating it regularly, so we’ll see if we pick up any new followers.

As of now, I’m finally mixing Spider-man: Kraven’s Last Hunt part 6.  It’s going a little slow because it’s a little hard to jump right back into this after over 6 months since I’ve done any mixing, especially to jump into something as difficult as an extended fight between Spidey and Vermin in waist-high sewer water with dialogue and an internal monologue by Spidey!  It’s a LOT.

Also, for more Circus-13 goodness, I am still holding open auditions for two new original shows: The Wolfman Journals and Mr. Halloween, the ghost notorious.  I’ll be posting audition info here in the next couple days, or you can go to for the info and links to the actual pages for the two new shows.

So for right now, thanks for listening and stay tuned for more….

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Assault II: Enmity and Armor part 1: Commencement of Enmity!

ASSAULT II: Enmity and Armor.
Assault II: Enmity and Armor, episode 1 – Commencement of Enmity

written, directed and produced by Timm Gillick.
File size: 14.4 MB
Running time: 18:34

Randall, David, Magic Man and the gang are back for the exciting sequel to Assault: Thief to Hero!

Randall is working for ATLAS Labs and David has been left behind. Magic Man tries to help, but he’s not sure what to do. A mysterious trio also shows up to have Randall work for the government. Who are Fathom, Onslaught and Diehard? What is their mission? And what is David going to do about Randall? Find out in Assault: Enmity and Armor part 1: Commencement of Enmity!

Randall Parks/Assault – Timm “The Jester” Gillick
David Doranan – Scott Swisher
Magic Man – Bob Jump
Corrine Piscus/Fathom – Laura Post
Richard Dorjan/Onlsaught – Bill Hollweg
Jack Osborne/Diehard – Jerry Shipman
Dr. Warner – Steve Anderson
Jake/Jenna Warner – Emilie Gillick
Kyle Von Behren/Baron Wolff – Shane Crandall
Roju – Mashayla Van Acker
Ditz – Emilie Gillick
Secretary – Emilie Gillick
Stephens – Eric Flores
Tommy Warner – Tim K. Schmidt

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X-men auds up

Got some roles open for the next X-men episode.  Got one big role each for male and female (both villains), couple small roles for the guys and one role for either.

Go to for more info.

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Truck and the Super Satanic Spork Strippers part 2: Enter the Ninja!

Truck and the Super Satanic Spork Strippers cover
Episode Two:
Truck and the Super Satanic Spork Strippers
written by Timm Gillick.

Truck of the Inter-dimensional Bounty Hunters’ Guild Local 137 and the Super Satanic Spork Strippers: Part two: Enter the Ninja!
file size: 15.9 MB
running time: 17:27

Truck and the kids got away from Big Bob’s Booby Hatch, but at what cost? Truck’s target Frank, known locally as Sheriff Bob, was struck in the back by a Satanic Spork as they were escaping! What the hell ARE those flying Satanic Sporks anyway? What will Truck do next to solve this mystery? Find out in The Super Satanic Spork Strippers part 2: Enter the Ninja!

Truck – Mike Ivey
Sporks – Timm “The Jester” Gillick
Tommy – Emilie Gillick
Sheriff Bob – Timm “The Jester” Gillick
Sunny – Jamie Henry
Danforth – Timm “The Jester” Gillick
Blaine – Dan Gillick
Big Daddy Fred – Jerry Shipman
Speedy – Ryan Nelson
Stripper 1 – Rhonda Kirk
Stripper 2 – Emilie Gillick
Announcer (PSA) – Timm “The Jester” Gillick

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Assault II ep 1 is done!

I literally just finished putting it together!  Man does it sound awesome!

I did a couple small things differently this time, but still kept a couple things the same.  One thing I kept the same was the lack of music.  I think it does well enough on its own without any background music adding to tension.  It keeps it clean and keeps your attention on the dialogue and story.

One thing I DID do different was use a couple little sound effect bumpers in between scenes that don’t have a lot of distinction.  One of them is the opening sound of the theme song intro.  I hope it doesn’t confuse people and make them think it’s starting twice, but I like to keep the bumpers tied to the theme song.

We’ll see.

I’ll be working on episode 2 later tonight/tomorrow/this week, and should have it finished before next weekend.  And once I get the last set of lines for Fathom, I’ll be able to work on the last one.  I hope to have them all finished (or at least the lines in) before I am set to release the first episode which is slated for June 1.  So be watching for it.  You will not be disappointed!

Stay tuned…

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Assault II update

With the exception of one line from Bill Hollweg (he had the accent on the wrong word, changed the meaning of a line), and Laura Post finishing her part for episode 3, it is almost done.

That’s right. All I have to do is go to Bob Jump’s house tomorrow (yes, that is his real name), to record his lines as Magic Man. He agreed to reprise his role in Assault II (and if I need him for further Assault adventures), but scheduling is a bitch.

So I take the “studio” (i.e. the mic, the laptop, the script and the spit guard) to Bartonville tomorrow night to get the last lines I need to complete parts 1 & 2, and as soon as Laura gets caught up with all her stuff (she’s been doing a LOT, especially with her job), she’ll get me Fathom’s lines for part 3 and this puppy will be FINISHED!

In other news, I have two strippers to recruit (voices only, don’t get excited, boys) to be able to finally finish the latest Truck story. I’ll be working on part 3 of that this next week as well as moving the office to the living room and turning the office into a nursery. Yep, it’s getting closer (less than 4 months till due date). Neither one of us can wait to lose a lot of sleep, spend all waking moments caring for our first baby.

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James Bond 007 in Casino Royale ep 5: Vesper

James Bond 007 in Casino Royale

Introducing James Bond: charming, sophisticated, handsome; chillingly ruthless and very deadly.

Casino Royalé finds Bond on a mission to neutralize a lethal, high-rolling Russian operative called simply ‘Le Chiffre’, who has lost 50 million Francs of his nation’s money on a private venture, and unless he can recoup his losses, a SMERSH assassin lies in wait. James Bond 007 is sent to beat Le Chiffre at the casino and ensure Le Chiffre’s death comes at the hands of his own people.

Produced/Scripted by Michael Dougherty and Justin J. Milliner

Based on the novel by Ian Fleming

Episode Five: Vesper

File size: 24.1 MB
Running time: 26:25

James Bond – Timm Gillick
Vesper Lynd – Lexy Vanier
René Mathis – Dan Powell
Doctor – Benjamin Lind
Nurse – Fiona Conn

‘A Little Faith’- Kevin MacLeod (
‘Dreamlike’- Kevin MacLeod (
‘Mourning Song’- Kevin MacLeod (

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Assault II Update

I only have two more people to record (both are kinda small parts this time around) and I’ll have all the parts in for Assault II.  Once I get these two people recorded (Bob Jump as Magic Man and Mashayla VanAcker as Roju the symbiote), I’ll be able to finish mixing episode 1.

Both of them are reprising their roles from Assault: Thief to Hero from almost two years ago, but are very enthusiastic about doing more voice work for the Circus-13.  Like Jerry (who plays Big Daddy Fred and Diehard), their schedules are kinda busy and its hard to find a couple hours where they can stop by and record.  I’ll probably end up packing up the studio (i.e. my laptop, mic and puff guard) and lugging it over to Bob’s because he also has to record three episodes of Green Arrow as the title character.

Yep, I’ll be pushing to get that done again soon (I tried a couple years ago, it fell through, and then I had a lot of casting problems due to a lot of the auditions just plain SUCKED).  So, be watching for Green Arrow auditions to open some time (maybe).

Back to the original topic, once I get Bob and Mashayla recorded and then mixed in, I’ll be busting ass to get all three episodes mixed before releasing the first one (which I plan to do June 1).  So be watching for Assault II: Enmity and Armor!

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MySpace graphics

I’ve created some MySpace “Thanks for the Add” graphics with Circus-13 characters on them.

“How can I get them?” you may ask?  If you’re on MySpace, make sure you add Circus-13 as a friend, and then check the blog there, it has the address where you can get them!

Once I switch webhosts in October or so to one with a higher bandwidth (or find a hosting site to take them when I have the time), I might post it here.  Look below for a sample (I have “Thanks for the Add” banners of Assault, Mr. Halloween, Diehard & Onslaught, Truck, and Big Daddy Fred).

Stay tuned…

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Big Daddy Fred has arrived!

For all of you Truck fans out there, your wait will be soon over.  Jerry Shipman, the actor who has taken over the role of Big Daddy Fred has had some major scheduling issues for the last few months (yes, I said months).  He’s got an intense job, plus some family issues (personal stuff, won’t go into it here) have kept him away from the mic and the Circus-13 studios, but that has changed.

A couple days ago, he made the effort to come spend a couple hours in front of the mic and we pounded out 5 episodes of material he had been cast in (2 of Truck and he’s also the voice of Diehard in Assault II), so we won’t have to worry about his schedule again for awhile.

What does that mean for YOU?  It means that those of you who have listened to Truck and the Super Satanic Spork Strippers part 1 will have only a couple weeks to go before you get to listen to part 2!  That’s right!  Part two will be coming out soon.  And once I cast a couple of strippers, I’ll be able to finish part 3, so you will finally know what happens to Speedy, and Frank, and Tommy and Sunny and the rest of the gang!

Stay tuned…

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